Lakedan Crises
Almost two years after the Annexation 
Lakedan Autonomous District, Edofasia 

Lakedan had seen a lot over the last few years. A bloody uprising by natives of the region had been crushed when Edofasia had responded to Alaykan calls for aid. When Edofasia arrived they had come expecting a fight. However the rebels seemed to surrender in droves. In fact many in the area threw up the green banner of the Confederacy. Surprised at the mostly warm welcome. The Edofasians stayed but called up the Alaykan goverment to step in. But they never came. Until after almost a year of direct military rule. Edofasia officially announced it was annexing the province. The backlash came fast. The KU deployed troops to the border of the region. The Alaykan goverment panicked. And the border became ever more tense. Away from the border however things had improved vastly for the people. Edofasia did it's best to not only restore damaged infrastructure but to improve upon it. Using mostly local labor to supply jobs and pay to impoverished workers there. These workers were encouraged to form unions and when they did. Edofasia began to organize militas for them. A year after annexation the ENA held an election to form a quasi independent goverment headed by the unions to direct law over the area. With local Edofasians and Alaykans of leftist disposition populating the area. The vote passed in a landslide. Since then the areas livingstandards have improved dramatically. Mines long since closed were reopened and existing warfs  for fishing Northern Cod have been overhauled. The Great Northern Road has been expanded to include high speed rail and things like internet access and universal healthcare have become commonplace. Edofasia has only kept a token peacekeeping force along the border and has left Lakedan to mostly rule itself. However Edofasia has dismissed the ideas of reunification with Greater Alayka unless a 2/3s majority of Lakedan citizens voted for it.

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