The Role of Luxlein in Bollonichian Developement
The excerpts below are from the diary of Joaquin Pepito Ibarra, who was a famous Luxerian voyager, serving in the Navy during the rule of José Manuel de Ferreiro’s son, Juanfran Manu Abraham Ferreiro from 1633 to 1665. It was Joaquin who had led the Luxerian voyage to find other lands when they arrived at the Bollonichian mainland. The diary of Joaquin Pepito Ibarra initially belonged to the Luxerian Government, which was sent to the Bollonichian Government, as a sign of goodwill, which is presently under the control of The Department of Preservation of Historical Sites and Artefact also known as PHSA. All excerpts have been translated to Oseanian from Luxerian.

Excerpt 1


Dear Diary,

It was a fine sunny Sunday, I was as usual sleeping soundfully. I was off duty and was enjoying spending some time with my wife and kids who I hadn’t seen for 9 months at a stretch when I was on duty. It was late in the morning around 10 am when my wife started screeching at me, “Are you planning to wake up today or why don’t you not wake up at all??!”. Startled I got up to my feet and went and washed my face. Half asleep I went downstairs and ate my breakfast. I quickly got ready and went to work. After work I came back home at 6 pm, and on reaching home I firstly went through my mail. There were multiple letters, but the one that caught my attention was a letter from the Royal Navy. I wasn’t supposed to return to duty for another month, what could this letter possibly be about? My mind started racing, maybe there was a war brewing but I calmed myself down thinking nothing like that happened for a long time. However in eagerness I opened the letter, finding its contents being.

Quote:Dear General,

I am sorry to be writing to you at a time when you are off duty, however I have been tasked by His Supreme Majesty Juanfran Manu Abraham Ferreiro, to find the most capable sailors in our country for an important task at hand.
As you know, His Majesty’s jurisdiction falls on the Luxerian Islands however His Majesty wishes to expand his jurisdiction over other lands. 
The Royal Navy shall launch a fleet of ships to discover and establish control over the discovered lands. For this we shall be needing a skilled, experienced however energetic General, hence you, General Joaquin Pepito Ibarra are to command the fleet of Royal Ships known as the Castillá and serve His Majesty our saviour. You are to report at the Santangel Port on the 16th.

Your Major General,
Gregorio Fausto Cervantes.

I read the letter and was completely dumbfounded, this had taken me by complete surprise. I wasn't willing to leave my family and go on a voyage that I had no idea how long it would take. I  was woken from my deep thought by my son, Basilio. I didn't know what to do, I didn't want to leave my family neither did I see an option to turn it down and such a military accomplishment would be huge for us. I quietly had dinner, and my wife noticed something odd about my behaviour as generally I am quite talkative. After dinner and putting my son to bed, my wife and I spoke regarding what I should do. She completely supported me and encouraged me to go on the journey but I noticed the sadness in her eyes. 

Hesitantly I agreed with her, and therefore went and kept my uniform aside for the morning. I couldn't sleep with maybe excitement or dread at this point I can't really make sure. That is why I am writing this in you, maybe this would be the chance I have always longed for, the chance to cement myself in Luxerian History.

Excerpt 2


Dear Diary,

I got up at 6:30 to get ready for a voyage to go on, only to find out that my wife Seleña had woken up earlier, and prepared breakfast for me. I quickly got ready for the day to come, had breakfast and left. I had done this numerous other times and wasn’t really hard. I set out for the military port, an hour away from my house. On reaching the port I was greeted by who appeared to be of a lower rank than me, he introduced himself as Colonel Telesforo Jonatan Quijada. He asked me to go speak to the Major General Gregorio Fausto Cervantes for the briefing on how things were to happen. As I saw, in the room where I was invited there were 10 people including the Colonel I had met earlier and myself. We were told that I was to lead the expedition, and be in charge of the ship Castillá Le Comprandé. The other 9 members of the army were all colonels in charge of the other 9 ships. They were all under my command and we were informed that we were to leave on the voyage today afternoon at 3 pm. 
After the end of the briefing, I was highly interested as  the prospect of finding and meeting new people excited me. I went to my ship, spoke to some of my crew, and made friends after all these were the people I would be with for a lot of days. I then went and got comfortable in my cabin before the ship sailed. The moment the ship sailed was a moment of great pride for me, I had been part of the Navy for 7 years but had never experienced such a moment of self satisfaction. As the ship sailed I said goodbye to my hometown and country without any idea of when and if I shall be returning but the upcoming prospects excited me. What followed was a normal day on a ship, after having supper around 6:30 we all slowly retreated to our cabins to call it a night. 
I would be sleeping soundly, but the idea of discovering new people and not recording each step of the way would be stupid that is why I am recording all these incidents and keeping them safe in you.

I am always sleepy sleepy

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