The Crack of Heaven and Earth
Ancient Meltor
The War in Heaven
"Connections, set"

A strange circle began to shimmer over the grass path, a simplistic blue circle with strange symbols of the Ancient Tongue shimmering just a few millimetres outside of the circle's range. A simplistic Incantation Circle centred around the user's hand.

"Displace layers: 1, 2. Prepare layer 3. Set Crest catalyst. Set."

The simplistic Incantation Circle, changed and warped now developing into a larger circle with three smaller circles each representing 1, 2, 3 in the Ancient Tongue.

"Anchor magical energy, formalise connection with the Base Theory"

The shimmering Incantation Circle now supplied with sufficient mana adapted to the user's internal thoughts, a long-range weapon.

Like an automated machine the Circle changed again with the Larger circle splitting off into four separate small circles connected around four newly appeared blades of light only about waist height.

"Load: Anima Grain. Project: Beam. Reinforce: Personnel Mana Circulations 1 through 5"

With the commands of the magic-user understood the Incantation Circle began to coalesce Anima Grain from the surrounding atmosphere to project into a long-range beam weapon by reinforcing the hands of the magic-user so they're not burned by the force of the beam they're about to unleash.

With the formula complete, Amos stared into the distance. The surrounding woodland no longer concerned her. The only thing reflected in those blue eyes was the unreachable many miles away, though easily big enough to be seen from where she saw kneeling. If such a size as that was possible to maintain on mana collection alone it was a metallic titan truly deserving of its name, and if that's the case: it already knew of Amos' provocation towards it, it looking her way was only added proof of such.

"My effective range is still only about one mile, though..." 

Now that things had come this far, she had no choice but to go all in. She would mobilise every last ounce of magical energy this woodland had to offer, and extend the reach of her shot!

"Create path: Catalyse hair"

A blue firework rose into the sky. Amos looked up at her hair, fluttering in the wind, and raised her right arm as if grasping at empty space. For magi, their own bodies were considered the finest of catalysts. And for those few female magi, hair that was grown over many years became especially powerful and precious fuel. A path already existed between hair and body as both were one and the same, the only thing that needed connecting was the formula itself. But even then a simple desire was enough of fuse to connect the two isolated circuits.  

She clenched her open hand into a fist, and, 

"Layer three, incarnate. Begin connection to all formula."

The distant hair danced in a circle until finally being completely consumed into a new distant formula of less complexity than the original but no less worthy of battle.

She issued a clear challenge to the metal giant. 

The ground shaked.

In response to the provocation that had appeared in the air between them, the Titan began to make its move.  It would not tolerate the insolence of insects. Not only did she disrespect it by having her incantation up high, in its domain. She would go so far and openly defy it. Its rage was uncontainable. Nothing would stop this monster of the unknown from bringing down the full brunt of its force on its small, small prey.

Heaving her arm up a new set of circles followed it twirling in four sets of three around her arm, the ground was her staging platform, the formula on high her iron sight and booster, the twirling circles her gun and her arm: the gunpowder. But even with all her preparation and talent the 'gun' grounded. The circuits within her body spun. Scotching her body and soul with an imaginary flame in order to preserve the weapon for as long as possible.

She was linked to the formula carved into the ground. The loading and execution were the same as ever, but the output was incomparable to anything she'd ever tried before. Even if the process hadn't changed, with this much firepower death could be but a moment away if she ran out of sanity and mana to maintain the advanced formula. There was a very real possibility her entire nervous system could burn away in the blink of an eye if she wasn't careful. 

"No matter what, I will defeat you, Titan!"

The amount of imaginary heat coalescing around her arm was almost scary. Her body trembled at the thought of her arm being blown to smithereens by the force of the blast, but then, if such a risk did not exist she would have been unable to defeat it. At least this way she would be able to try and kill it in one almighty shot. Moving was no longer an option, if she missed or failed she would be crushed or burned to ash by her own rampaging formula, she was like entrenched artillery waiting to fire its newest shell. It was the only way to reach it at a safe enough distance she wouldn't be instantly crushed. But at the same time, it meant no Plan B could exist, if she hit it but it did not die she would have to hit it again, and again, and again until it crushed her. She would have to fight till the bitter end now.

Accepting this she drew her breath. Her preparations were as perfect as her teachers. She would deliver this rocket-like maelstrom of untainted magical energy straight at the titan's core! She took aim through the third formula in the sky, which acted as a muzzle to expel her concentrated mana beam into a more destructive burst that would be able to damage it more, it also served well as a sight to adjust fire. 

As if sneering at her efforts the ground shook even more disorientating her focused self. Now, look upon me, ye Human of folly, ye who would dare try to strike me. Look upon me and despair, for blessed I have been in the blood of Sothis and the Sword of Liberation. A mixture of divine mystery from both your people and mine, come and try to strike me. For I am the most supreme of the world's phantasms of metal and stone! 

With its anger made known, it began to move.

"Too soon. It's still too soon, but"

Her instincts were screaming. She couldn't delay any longer. The enemy was exposed in front of her but so was she. If she could sense its hostile sentiment all the way over here it could easily attack her at any moment. She had to shoot it now and pray she had enough time to prepare another shot in less than a second later.

Her eyes, fixed on the Titan, filled with determination. Aware that the moment she fired, tremendous feedback would assail her entire body.

"No holding back, time to give it my all!" With all the energy she could muster she screamed to the Heavens!

Her arm blazed with magical energy as the multiple sets of Magical Circles around her arm and slightly above it compressed together like a spring loader and within an instant sprung forward firing a massive beam nearly the size of her entire body upwards towards the sky-bound formula. Connecting to it the third layer embraced the coming of its brother arriving from the ground, using her example as a base the slight extension of herself that was within the Formula shot the massive beam again but this time with even less restraint firing a massive torrent light towards the Titan.

In a desperate measure, the Titan attempted to use its arms to block the torrent of light but was unsuccessful. It burned away metal and stone until only one charged titanic arm remained, even with such damage the Titan's charged was only slightly impeded as it screamed forwards in a never-ending torrent of rage. 

Her vision dazzled and blood coming out of her mouth she knew her battle was not yet done, another shot had to be performed in less than a second, glaring upwards with animosity towards the titan, with no room for reason or hesitation she quickly collected even more surrounding mana to reload. Accelerating the formula's mana collecting to such a degree this much was obvious as the previously calm circle beneath her feet began to twirl and magnificent speed but at the cost of the feeling that her body was being ripped to nothingness. Since they were connected, it was simple logic that increasing the load on one portion of the thing would naturally cause friction with the other portion.

With the quarter of a second reloading complete, she accelerated the formula even further so her arm would be able to fire in another quarter second. But before that,

"Alternate path selection, closer to core component!"

Spending another quarter second to quickly think a new command for the formula the ground beneath her began to crack as it struggled to survive the constant mana harvesting, something that only doubled. With the rings around her arm stabilising in such a way she never thought possible she knew that her next shot would be the thing she needed... if she survived it. The circles began to glow an angry red as if to protest her increasing folly the magic around her raged and burned but would survive, She had to survive.

Launching her attacks the circles compressed again with even more fury with magical discharges being shot all across the floor the beam fired again with such ferocity even the ground was blown to smithereens underneath its wake, hitting the third formula it entirely blew bast it destroying the last pieces of her distant hair in an instant. And in the next instant, the beam reached its opponent. The battle was over in the next instant. The beam ripped through metal and rock in its entirely, in hopelessness and despair the machine fell to the ground with a colossal bag of which the whole continent could hear.

The Titan was dead, the collation should not be able to pierce through Nemesis' vail and strike at the heart of his rotten empire.

Or at least that's what she hoped.
This reads like a manga, good job oog

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