Chapter two(civil war begins)
The build-up
After years of racism, the people of vond had enough and protested, after that it became riots, and then politics took control of those riots splitting them into different factions, now how did the politicians took over, well they promised the rioters that their party will solve everything 

Now you may ask how did this racism manifest? Well you see during the 1200 vondia came about and they started to conquered and conquered land until the 1400's when they attacked ergkek and conquered and conquered, they enslaved the ergkekian population and they burned down the ergkekian temples and cursed ergkek, they burned down the historical capital of urgrek

The civil war has begun
The people have armed themselves, and have taken some land, and have formed different factions

The government's reaction
The government were surprised but quickly called the military and started to fortify themselves capturing many key cities and resources, to wait out this civil war until someone attacks them, their plan is to wait out the civil war, and gather a lot of resources meanwhile the enemy's exhausts theirs

People of ergkek there are some terrorists call themselves the GEE, SCL, GSOE, GCEL and the terrorist are here to rip our republic! So we must show them that we won't fall that we won't submit!

The thoughts and reactions of the vonds
The vonds are being most affected by this
As they have been thrown into poverty their young men and women go out into the great deserts never to return, many think that this war will bring them equality, and prosperity to vondia! But some think that the current government was already doing that, either way, you slice it, they have been affected in a negative way

The thoughts and reaction of the dertili
The dertili think that the war is pointless, that it will only bring destruction, they were shocked when the government announced it they thought to themselves that these terrorists were idiots, now they weren't affected by this, at least not like the vondians…

The plans of the terrorists
They want to end the war quick and install their government the GEE wants to purge the vondians and conquer the world the CSL wants to install their government and the same goes for the GCEL, GSOE
Now the GEE want to vernd them, the GCEL wants the SE(the government) to just submit the CSL want to take all the major cities and force the government to submit, and the GSOE want to conquer the government via chaos.

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