A Average Morning at The Border
The “New” Northern Alaykan-Edofasian Border, 10:00 am Alaykan Time

The border at normal times would have been extremely active with car fulls of families heading to the ski resorts in Northern Alayka, and Trucks full of Edofasian goods would be rumbling down the freeway heading to either Sevroslav, a few exits down the freeway, or to cities in Northern Alayka like Vladimor, or Torku, or to Alexagrad.

Now it’s just a hotbed of tension with the border guards being on high alert on both sides, suspicious about the other side’s activities, and with the start of the Lakedon Autonomous District, suspicions have only grown.

“Oi, You Edafazskija kuki!, How does it feel licking the black boots of the Edofasians!” A Alaykan Border Guard yells to His Lakedonian Counterpart.
“How is bending over to the Kandanady, going for ya?” The Lakedonian Counterpart shot back to the Alaykan.
“Better than being with the Ksienafoby, Traitor.” The Alaykan calls out.
“You guys still have a grudge for not recognizing you guys?” The Lakedonian Questioned.

The Yelling would then devolve into a shouting match full of Slurs and Insults, but out in the Wilderness, that the only way to relieve some stress with each other so, in a way, it was mostly a pastime there.

Translations from Alaykan to Oseanian: Edafazskija kuki = Edofasian Cucks
Kandanady =  Kanadiaans
Ksienafoby = Xenophobes, A term used by Alaykan Nationalists to call Novimrians

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