The Lakedan Situation
The Lakedan Autonomous Zone
A few months before ENA withdrawl

After ENA forces brought the rebelling Alaykans to heel (after only one battle) the issue of reorganization had come up. Originally set to give the region back. The Alaykan Government had gone dark. Whether from mass panic. Loss of communications or KU pressure wasn't relevant. Lakedan needed a goverment. Edofasia, feeling uncomfortable simply annexing part of a KU aligned nation and inviting a war. Began the process of setting up a civilian government. Local union leaders, important indigenous chiefs and former rebel commanders were called upon to form the Lakedan Provisional Spokes Council. This Council would be elected henceforth after the original formation and while it would report to the Edofasian Government in matters of foreign affairs. It was nominally independent and had control over its internal affairs as well as its security. Former rebel troops who willingly surrendered to Edofasian forces and ENA instructors began the process of arming and training the new union militas. At the start these were little more than civilian fighters. Armed with confiscated Alaykan equipment and taught only the basics. After the order to remove its military presence came down. ENA officers wanted to ensure the stability of the border. Several thousand Alaykan militamen received standard ENA training and were issued modern equipment including anti air and anti armor weapons. Though this force would be swept aside if a KU taskforce was sent to the region. It proved enough of a match to what remained of Alayka's military that the border held. Tensions were high as countrymen. Torn between Loyality to the crown or to the idea of Terran Solidarity and Collectivism. Fueded with one another across the new border. Though violence was rare and non lethal. A single spark could once again reignite the snow capped mountains and beautiful valleys of Lakedan

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