The Great Empire of Hykko (대한호꼬국)

The Great Empire of Hykko (Hykkogyo: 대한호꼬국, Daehan-Hykkoguk) is a nation located in the Southern Hemisphere and covers a land area of 320,750 km² and is made up of the Continental Realm (제봉토) and the Island Realm (시마봉토). It is bordered by the Union of Akarea to the West.

Hykko is the # most populous country in the world. The nation contains a population of around 350 million citizens with the majority residing in urbanized areas. Tanseou is Hykko's capital and largest city; other major cities include Fusen, Nagodae, Samsan, and Namushu. The Continental Realm is largely flat with the Kandou Plain making up a large part of the given area. The Island Realm consequently is largely mountainous with the narrow costal plains harboring a majority of the Island residents. Hykko is divided up into 28 Administrative Prefectures and 5 Traditional Regions.  Hykko is ethnically homogenous with among 98% of the population being ethically Hykkogyo with the other 2% of a different ethnicity. 

Hykko is a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy with the Emperor as the Head of State and the Prime Minister acting as the Head of Government, possessing a bicameral legislature, National High Diet. With it's GDP at 4.872 trillion Yuwon, it has a free market economy with a thriving private sector. The nation has a relatively open policy maintaining trades with other foreign powers.

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