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Luxlein Protests: Demonstrators Demand President’s Resignation
By Juan Francisco Cubero | 9:30 AM LST 3/3/2016

Hundreds of thousands of Luxerians filled miles of a major highway in Santángel in protest against President Emmanuel Alejandro Ferrant, who has resisted persistent calls for his resignation, in what appeared to be one of the largest demonstrations the country has seen.

The highway, Expreso Olloqui, teemed with people who carried Luxerian flags, waved protest signs and chanted to demand the removal of Ferrant, who said a few days ago that he would not seek re-election in 2016 but would stay in office through his current term — and face possible impeachment.

Protests against Ferrant began more than a month ago, after the Senior Leadership of the Conservative Party was arrested for charges deemed “of a political nature.” Allegations that Ferrant persecuted Luxerian civilians on political grounds since coming into power resurfaced. Many believe that this would damage the country’s international image, especially as the Administration continues to pursue an agenda of international peace and security,

International Chancellery Confirms Opening Investigation
By Naia Carnicero | 9:30 AM LST 3/3/2016

According to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Chancellery of Justice, an investigation respecting the Situation in the United Republics of Luxlein has been initiated. The investigation will cover crimes within the jurisdiction of the Chancellery that are alleged to have been committed in the Situation since August 9, 1999.

How the Office will set priorities concerning the investigation will be determined in due time, in light of the operational challenges, the limited resources available, and the heavy workload. Such challenges, however, as daunting and complex as they are, are not diverting them from ultimately discharging the responsibilities that the Statute places upon the Office.

Any investigation undertaken by the Office will be conducted independently, impartially and objectively, without fear or favour. The Statute obliges the Office, in order to establish the truth, to extend its investigation to cover all facts and evidence relevant to an assessment of whether there is individual criminal responsibility under the Statute and, in doing so, to investigate incriminating and exonerating circumstances equally. The decision to open an investigation followed a painstaking preliminary examination undertaken by that Office.

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Alpenraumisch government takes hardline stance on Meltor crisis

By Wilhelmina Griezmann
RBS News Correspondent in Kustenberg
February 13, 2016

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Legionnaires of the Alpenraumisch Eternal Legion stand guard outside the royal palace following the announcement of the death of King Frederik IV von Koppenhausen.

KUSTENBERG -- Prime Minister Joseph Schlatzer of Alpenraum condemned the situation in Meltor today, adopting a similar stance to the rest of the Kaltach Union in describing the Meltorian megacorporations' continued crackdowns against worker strikes a "disgusting violation of human rights". The statement comes after a similar statement issued by the Chancellor last week, which reaffirmed Candanadium and the Kaltach Union's stance against the Meltorian oligarchy's practice of modern-day slavery and suppression of the freedom of the press. Prime Minister Schlatzer's government is expected to follow in the footsteps of that of Chancellor von Juppertal in adopting comprehensive economic sanctions against Meltor, Meltorian corporations, and individuals complicit in the human rights abuses.

The Prime Minister also affirmed In a speech to Parliament that concrete action would need to be taken "soon", and that he would discuss the topic at length with other Kaltach Union heads of government including Chancellor von Juppertal and Prime Minister Edmundsson of Trefjall. Alpenraum has already implemented a comprehensive travel ban against Meltorian nationals, which the opposition has criticized as being discriminatory towards asylum seekers and refugees, and now, Prime Minister Schlatzer is once again facing calls from across the political spectrum and from the international community to open Alpenraum's borders to asylees, though the Prime Minister did not comment on the issue. 

The opposition has also criticized the government's decision to prematurely mobilize the Eternal Legion, the national gendarmerie of Alpenraum, in preparation for a planned military intervention in Meltor. Karl Langer, leader of the Alpenraum Conservative Union and leader of the opposition in parliament, said that Alpenraum must not "make any unilateral decisions" in choosing to intervene in Meltor, and that any and all intervention would have to receive "support from our Kaltach allies". The Prime Minister has vowed to discuss the issue of military intervention at the upcoming Kaltach Union summit in Schwannburg, citing Chancellor von Juppertal's policy of non-intervention until requested by the Meltorian crown. 

Alpenraum is the latest nation to adopt a formal stance against the Meltorian oligarchy, joining ranks with the likes of Candanadium, Trefjall, Drulluhus, Jokullheim, and Luxlein, and the first major Kaltach military power to do so aside from Candanadium. Other Kaltach nations such as Akarea, Kreyermark, Varskhomir, and Alayka have yet to adopt any formal platform.

Alpenraum National News contributed to this article.
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Protests as HM the King hosts the Empress of Meltor at Magnarplatz

By Paul Hendricks
RBS Politics Correspondant
January 31, 2016

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A protestor carries a sign reading "rights of defence against the state are fundamental rights" in Kanadiaans, in response to calls for Parliament to declare the People's Free Meltorian Army a terrorist group.

NEW KONIGSTADT -- Magnarplatz Palace confirmed today that Her Sublime Majesty, the Empress of Meltor has landed in New Konigstadt ahead of the scheduled summit on February 1st, and is being hosted by His Majesty the King at Magnarplatz Palace.

Protestors lined the road next to the Empress's motorcade from New Konigstadt City Airport, objecting to the King hosting the monarch of a "slaver state" as a guest of honour. Domestic and Kaltach opinion on Meltor has generally reached a consensus of non-engagement and resistance in the form of economic sanctions, following the publication of an opinion piece in the Konigstadt Chronicle in January. The government justified the move by stating that engagement with reform-minded individuals within the Meltorian state would be needed to bring about a meaningful resolution to the current crisis, and that not every individual in the Meltorian government is complicit in the abuse being perpetrated by corporations.

Last week, the Member of Parliament for Thüleberg Centre tabled a motion for the government to declare the People's Free Meltorian Army, the newly-formed communist resistance group in Meltor, as a terrorist organization, contributing further to protests in solidarity with the Meltorian popular movement. The private member's bill is not expected to pass, with all parties in Parliament officially opposing it. The member, Mr. Jason Wells, defended his motion not as a sign of support for the Meltorian elite, but rather as a matter of principle, stating that Candanadium "should only support the legitimate imperial government in restoring its full sovereignty over Meltor" instead of "arming radical extremists that may turn against us in future". Mr. Wells, a member of the Constitution Party, is joined in this by several MPs from across the bench, but not nearly enough to tip the balance in favour of his proposal. Other MPs criticized it, including Ms. Dana Otho of the Democratic Party (King's Valley North), who stated that Candanadium "should be expressing our solidarity with the only real opposition in Meltor". 

The government claims that it hopes that productive dialogue with the Meltorian crown and the democratically elected part of the Meltorian government will bring about some sort of consensus within the nation. His Majesty the King has vowed to ensure that "all Candanadian opinions" are relayed to the Empress and the Meltorian government during talks.
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Car with registration plate '0690420' sells for 250m Yuan
Bei Yang, ASN Car Culture - 17/08/2016 19:03 AST

A 1979 Hengsha microvan with an incredibly unique pair of registration plates has sold at a vehicle auction in southern Hyehae for 251,440,000 Yuan.

In the Akarean Union, vehicle registrations are randomly assigned seven digit alphanumeric codes; prior to 1980, they were numeric only. Furthermore, vehicle registrations cannot be customised or changed in Akarea. The chances of the novelty registration being generated were around 1 in 10 million.

All of these factors have contributed to the high sale price of the vehicle.

The previous owner, Kayak Yhsiri from Gaanglanglataar, was shocked by the price. Speaking in his native tounge on local television he expressed his disbelief, sharing his history with the van which he purchased new in 1980 a few weeks before registrations incorporated letters. He plans to pay off his mortgage and vacation to Candanadium with his wife and children.

"I will not miss being pulled over by [police officers] who think the plates is [sic] fake. I wish the new owner very good luck!"

Similar circumstances have inflated vehicle values in the past. In 2014, a OMW car with the registration PUSYM4N sold for just shy of 200 million, while a motorcycle with the registration VRYC0OL sold for 80 million in 2008.

Some people on social media expressed concerns regarding the registrations, saying the vehicle registration authority should stop rude or innuendo plates from being issued. AVRA did not comment on the matter.

Update 19:03 AST: AVRA responded to our questions by stating the registration issuing system has been automated since 1978 and humans do not see the registrations before they are issued. Due to the restrictions on changing vehicle registrations, it is often too late to prevent it; this allegedly is one such case. AVRA declined to comment on if the late 70s issuing system was still in use.
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Breathing life into an ancient institution: The young monarchs of Great Kaltachia
Edward Taylor
March 7, 2016

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Members of the Candanadian government take part in singing the Alpenraumisch royal anthem at the funeral service of King Frederik.

Küstenberg, Alpenraum — Last year saw the abdication of Candanadium's greying King Richard amid scandal and accusations of the monarchy breaking step with the times. The world was reintroduced to our Crown Prince, previously being kept out of the limelight and serving as a Captain in the Corps of Royal Marines, suddenly crowned as the 22-year-old King Herman III von Magnar, a stark contrast to the aged kings that many of us grew up knowing. Almost overnight, the concerns about the monarchy not keeping up with the times fell by the wayside as various royal watchers embraced our new king with a frenzy of interviews, media pieces, and profiles. No more did our newspapers speak of abuse of the royal prerogative and the secret inner affairs of the House of Magnar, with even the most staunchly republican media personalities wishing King Herman III a prosperous and long reign ahead of his coronation ceremony. And only last month, New Konigstadt welcomed the King's first state visit with the Empress of Meltor with a frenzy that had not been seen since the homecoming of Herman II from Edofasia, our young King waving to the cheering crowds with Meltor's beloved Empress by his side. 

Amid all of this, one could almost be forgiven for thinking that the monarchy as an institution can outlast any political scandal, but the timely arrival of a new generation of Kaltach monarchs has never been more welcome than now. We saw for the first time our emerging royals in their full capacity at the funeral service for King Frederik of Alpenraum, where our King Herman stood at the side of the now-King Mauritz VI von Koppenhausen in solemn solidarity in this momentous turning point in the Kaltach saga. The presence of Wilhelmus Oberjall of Jokullheim served as a poignant reminder of the dramatic assassination of the previous Oberjall in New Konigstadt just a year prior, yet his presence alongside the new Queen of Alayka, succeeding her brother who had fallen to the same scandal as King Richard, seemed to reinforce the fact that despite the turbulence of what some have described as Kaltach monarchy's annus horribilis, our monarchs, and our collective national resolves by proxy, have weathered the storm and are prepared for what's ahead.

And how timely it is indeed. Down south, another young monarch anxiously waits for support from Kaltachia's finest, to join another ancient monarchy to the dwindling ranks of the world's democratic and free states, and King Herman has already given her a promise of unwavering support and diplomatic carte blanche. Let no one be deluded into thinking that the roles played by our monarchs are inconsequential when it comes to international relations. One cannot help but remember when Meltor was depicted as a hopeless basket-case of a failed state, a tinpot dictatorship that had no chance of emerging from under the boot of tyranny. Alas, that was a different time, and a different king. 

Already, our new monarchs have demonstrated that the capacity to deliver change for good does not come solely from bowler-hatted politicians and career civil servants, and that if one is to understand the current state of government and political intrigue, it might do one good to peer inside Magnarplatz Palace or the Eternal City as often as one does into Parliament Hill or Schwannburg Castle.

This article originally appeared in print in the Sunday Chronicle of March 6, 2016.

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