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How is a marriage defined? How is a marriage contracted?
What is the term of a marriage contract?
What gifts are considered appropriate or inappropriate for a wedding?
How are marriages celebrated?
What is considered too great a difference in age for a couple?
Do relationships allow multiple partners?
In what ways is a marriage considered broken?
How can a marriage be terminated?
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What is the average life expectancy? How does this differ between different regions, races or ethnicities?
What access do people have to clean drinking water (at home or in public)?
What access do people have to proper sanitation (at home or in public)?
Do houses or public buildings have plumbing? Cold and warm water?
Describe any public or private bathing or latrine facilities.
How is healthcare delivered in this society; what are its foundations?
Are there hospitals or sanitaria where many forms of health care are concentrated; or are practitioners more diffuse within the community?
Do people have access to any form of medical aid for emergencies or for less urgent problems?
What kinds of ailments or injuries are treatable in the locality using available supplies and expertise?
What does typical healthcare cost?
How do this societys doctors try to treat wounds and sickness?
Which medical assumtions of this society are wrong?
Do people seek care on an as-needed or emergency basis; or is health care seen as a preventative endeavour.
How often do people see their doctor, dentist or other healthcare provider?
Is a distinction made between physical and nonphysical ailments?
What happens to those suffering from extreme mental illness? Spiritual illness? Other?
How do people react to physical deformity (both congenital and acquired)?
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How does your society define incest? Rape? How do people react to these?
What secret vice is believed to be widely practiced?
What secret vice actually is practiced?
What sexual habits are widely believed common among foreigners?
How do people react to homosexuality? Is it frowned on? Encouraged?
Are premarital sexual relations allowed? Extramarital?
How is adultery defined? What (if any) is the punishment? Who decides?
Is prostitution legal? How are prostitutes viewed? Is this accurate?
What is the greatest sexual taboo?
What does this society mean by the word "virgin" and how important is it?
Is sex confined to marriage? Or, is it supposed to be?
What constitutes aberrant sexual behavior?
Are there any cultural or religious strictures, norms or taboos that specifically address sexual conduct?
Are there secular laws that control or restrict sexual behaviour?
At what age is it considered normal to engage in sex? Are there taboos against sex with children?
Should sex be a one-to-one experience? Or are groups allowed?
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Describe the education of the society’s people: formal schooling, apprenticeship, etc.
If education is mainly by apprenticeship, how is this accomplished?
Is education compulsory / offered to everyone? What is the cost of education?
Between which ages does education happen?
How are year groups and academic years arranged?
How are curricula arranged? What courses are typically offered?
What degrees or diplomas are offered by schools?
What do schools / colleges / universities look like?
What are the classrooms like? What is a typical class size
Who is in charge of education in the country, and in each individual school?
Does this society have its own language? Its own writing system?
How common is literacy? How is literacy viewed?
What form and value are books?
Who teaches others? How do they teach?
Who decides who learns to read or write?
Who teaches professions, like carpenter or scribe?
Are foreigners ever brought in to teach new skills? Who does that?
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Are philosophy and science unified, or do they exist as separate and independent disciplines?
What devices and technologies are available for people?
Are such devices taken for granted? If not, how many are appreciated?
How do people envision a difficult or impossible task that could be made easier by using some kind of device or futuristic technology?
How is knowledge distributed? Is it kept unknown to the common people, or is available for all?

What major architectural styles are present? What do they look like?
How does this vary over time and between places in the region?
What major elements are present? How are they pieced together?
What are houses like inside and out?
What are palaces and castles like?
How tall is the tallest building? How big is the biggest building?
What materials are used in typical construction? Do any materials have to be imported?
How are buildings constructed? Are there machines or is work done by hand?
What are some famous landmarks in the region? Why are they famous? Are they famous internationally?
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How do people get from place to place? Does this vary at all in different places?
Do people make long journeys? If so, what are they like?
Is there a public transport system? Who uses it? How much does it cost?
What are the roads like? How do they vary from place to place?
Do individuals or families own and use their own vehicles?
How safe and clean is the typical transport system?
What major fuels are used?
Apart from face to face, how do people communicate with each other?
Is there a postal service? How fast is it? How much does it cost to use? What restrictions are there on packet delivery? Does the post operate internationally? How likely is it that an article sent in the post will reach its intended destination?
What technical or mechanical means of communications exist?
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What is the local economy based on?
How is commerce engaged in?
If levied, how are taxes collected? What are such revenues used for? How does taxation affect the people?
What do people expect from their government in return for the taxes paid?

What is the local currency like? How is it subdivided? What is it based on (metal, labour, fiat)?
Is currency issued by a central authority or by some decentralised means?
How does it compare to other neighbouring currencies?
How has the value of the currency changed or fluctuated recently?
How are coins and notes produced? How common are forgeries?
How is wealth distributed?
Is there a public banking system?
Who uses it? What benefits does it bring? At what cost?
Is there a large gap between the wealth of the rich and poor? What expectations do each group have from the other?
What constitutes "poverty" in this society?
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What is their understanding of death and dying?
What does this society do with their corpses?
Do they cremate their dead? Or, how are dead bodies disposed of?
Is the family responsible for the body?
What part do the priests play?
Are there cemeteries at all?
Or, does everyone have a crypt in back with all the relatives in it?
Do people visit the dead? If so, how often and why?

What do people in this culture think about suicide?
Is it the greatest sin one can commit? Or is it a sin at all?
Is it the great and last comfort of a tormented soul?
Is it worse than murder?
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What is the form of government? How is it structured?
What are some of the most fundamental policies of the government?
What is the political status of minority communities?
How is government chosen?
What is the country’s general foreign policy?
Who decides whether someone has broken a law? How?
What kinds of punishments are meted out? By whom? Why?
How are new laws created or old ones changed?
Is there some form of clemency or pardon? What is involved?
Who has the right to give orders, and why?
What titles do various officials have?
How are the rules different for officials as opposed to the common person?
How do government officials dress?
Is the law written down? Who interprets it?
Once accused, what recourse does someone have?
Is torture allowed? What kinds? Is capital punishment allowed?
How are criminals executed?
Who cannot rise to positions of leadership?
Is bribery allowed? Under what circumstances?
What makes someone a bad ruler in this society? What can be done about it?
What are the most common or dangerous forms of criminal?

Is there a civilian police force, or is law enforcement the province of the military?
Is the police force a nationalised one, or are there multiple regional forces?
How militant or vigilante are they? Are they usually or ever armed?
What is the extent of their authority? Can they shoot you? Can they use magic? Can they torture or otherwise force a confession? Can they use telepathy?
Are there individuals or groups who are above the law?
Is there a secret police?
What is the role of police informants, if any?
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Does the country have an armed force? What types? What size?
How do the armed forces compare with others in the region or world?
Who declares war?
Who has the power to declare conditions of peace?
How are treaties negotiated?
What happens to prisoners taken in battle?
What weapons are favoured by the various armed forces?
What form of warfare does this society use?
How do battles in the airs or waters or underworlds differ from surface warfare?
Who are the Elite warriors? What distinguishes them?
How does someone get command of troops?
Where do the loyalties of military units lie?
Are there professional soldiers? Do they make up the bulk of the military?
What is campaign or camp life like?
What ethical or moral codes do warriors adhere to?
How are battle injuries treated?
How long do wars typically last?
Has this society ever attacked another? What was the nature of that war? What would make this society go to war?
Has there ever been a civil war or a revolution?
What do soldiers do when there's no war?
Are there any current tensions / wars / embargoes etc with any other nations?
Who are the country’s enemies? Whos winning the war?
What defences are available to cities?
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