Roleplay Rules & Guidelines
The Democratikan Admin Team is committed to providing a stable, fair, and robust platform for international roleplay between the members of our region. In order for this to be and remain effective, there must be a basic set of rules against which all participating nations, herein referred to as members, must be held to. This stands as follows:
  • Members must refrain from god modding. If you command your nation and its people without limits or consideration for other members, the Council will consider that to be god modding. If you control other members' property or people or make yourself invulnerable or unstoppable, it's god modding. It creates an unfair, hostile, and unnecessarily competitive environment. This is our most important rule. God modding posts will be voided at the discretion of the Roleplay Admin and/or other officers.
  • The RP canon is wholly separate to real-world history. Don't base your nation off of the history of other nations that only exist IRL, because that history didn't happen. The same goes for the names of your cities, details of your terrain, some minor climate details, culture, and so forth. They can be inspired by real-life cultures and events but cannot be exactly the same as them. The in-character canon is meant to be devised by players. This should be obvious given that we're using a fictional map. However, Rule 43 of the Democratikan Roleplay stipulates that "if it exists in real life it probably has an equivalent in TDKRP" - this applies for most consumer items, pieces of technology, and things of that nature.
  • No silly names. If your nation name is something like Hrntai Bafk, you will not be allowed to roleplay under that name. You will need to create a new nation for the purpose of roleplaying or submit your application under a differnet name. The roleplay is meant to be as immersive and realistic as possible, and having silly names takes away from that. We strongly discourage referencing any actual nations in your roleplay name either, as it takes away from the in-character fictional universe and lore of the roleplay.
  • Knowledge gained out-of-character cannot be used for in-character activity. If you learn on the Discord server that your nemesis is building chemical weapons, your RP characters are still unaware unless they find out through the RP itself. Remember to maintain the fourth wall at all times. If you do break the fourth wall, the post will be voided at the discretion of the Head of RP and/or other officers.
  • Speak to your fellow roleplayers before making a claim. You'll need to work out what kind of nation you want to be, what ethnic group your people belong to, what your history with your neighbours is like, and what name your language will take in the roleplay. Don't just check off the box on the application without talking to your fellow roleplayers, we know. Your application will not be accepted until your fellow roleplayers have a good idea of what your nation might look like.
  • Your initial land claim is wholly inflexible. Your territory can only be changed through roleplay activity such as annexation of a neighbouring nation or a treaty re-drawing your borders with another nation.
  • Don't steal other people's characters. Nation A couldn't have committed genocide against your nation if the person behind Nation A didn't agree to this. Always remember to communicate with your fellow roleplayers and get permission before writing a post that uses other people's characters or mentions history between your nation and other nations. Any aspects or shared lore or history must also be worked out and approved by all parties involved.
  • Be reasonable with your initial land claims. This rule doesn’t need excessive explanation; don’t be outlandish and ridiculous with your initial land claim. No, you can’t claim the entire continent.

The Roleplay Admin and other officers reserve the right to cease activity or void posts at their discretion. This will only happen should a member break rules or serious etiquette.

While failure to meet the following does not constitute the breach of any specific rules, it will reduce the enjoyment factor for all participants:
  • Don't rush. Some of our best posts so far have taken multiple weeks of planning, writing, formatting, and proofing before they reached their best. There is no rush, so you can take as much time as you want or need.
  • Exercise good spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills in your posts. The presentation of your ideas and actions can change their tone and sincerity, so it is important to maintain a decent standard of writing.
  • Your RP posts need to have a considerable degree of detail. If you're sending your army to the other side of the world, you can't just say that you're doing so and be done with it. You need to explain the motivations, logistics, planning, and execution of such an event. Although there is no minimum post length, your posts need to make sense to other players.
  • Try to develop personality, culture and characters. Establish a narrative. All war and no play makes Member a dull roleplayer. The roleplay is an opportunity to show an audience of interested individuals what your nation is like, so why not take advantage of it? This includes slice-of-life posts (taking the perspective of a civilian, non-working life of a politician, or some other down-to-earth subject) and general political intrigue.
  • Keep the canon intact. Consider your nation's history, culture, economy, military size, workforce scale, and resources when carrying out actions. A tiny island nation won't be able to afford a space program, while a country with no oil won't be selling petroleum to the world. Make sure to exercise common logic when writing. Do try to maintain consistency within your posts regarding names, locations, and figures. If you need to retcon something, talk it out first.
  • Acknowledge the passage of time. You cannot take over an entire continent in a weekend. Spread your movements across multiple posts, and write to incorporate the passage of time. It's more interesting and gives the opportunity for other members to respond or intervene.
  • Use images in moderation. Yes, you can use images to illustrate your point. No, you can't put fifteen images in a five-sentence long post. A picture may be a thousand words, but image-only posts will be automatically voided. Also, please refrain from using images from animated TV shows/films, which includes anime and cartoons. Try to also avoid using well-known politicians/other public figures. We try our best to stay professional and in character at all times, and using such images is detrimental to that fact.
  • Try to develop creative character and place names. If you want to borrow the name of a small village or town in real life, that's fine, as long as not many people know about it. However, you can't name your capital "Beijing" or "London" and your leader can't be "Donald Trump" or "Xi Jinping". The same goes for names from fiction as well as brand and company names. This breaks the immersive experience of the roleplay and might even result in legal issues as well.

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The Democratikan Roleplay Policy on Weapons of Mass Destruction

Following the conclusion of two referendums on RP WMD policy, the Roleplay Admin has been given the mandate to create a comprehensive policy on the presence, canonicity, and use of Weapons of Mass Destruction, including nuclear weapons.

NB: The working definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction in TDKRP shall follow the one set out by UN Resolution A/RES/32/84-B, available here.

Weapons of Mass Destruction, including nuclear weapons, are hereby declared canon in the Democratikan Roleplay. This does not mean, however, that all states possess them. The rules surrounding the proliferation and use of WMDs are as follows:
  • No roleplayer may unilaterally decide to use WMDs. Any roleplayer wishing to use WMDs in any capacity must first consult with the community-at-large, especially any affected roleplayers, on an OOC basis and obtain the approval of the Roleplay Admin. WMD use must be purely for lore-related purposes and must not be affected by any OOC grievances or grudges.
  • WMD possession is determined by the Roleplay Admin with consultation from other Admins and the roleplay community. No roleplayer may declare that they are in possession of WMDs without prior notification to the Roleplay Admin that they wish to be given that right. This is enforced in-character through the Kaltach-Terran Covenant on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. Roleplayers must also notify the Roleplay Admin if they wish to relinquish their own nuclear weapons or other WMDs.
  • WMD technology in the roleplay will not outpace the development of WMD technology in real life. All forms of WMDs that exist in real life are presumed to exist in RP. Roleplayers are not permitted to attempt to create new forms of WMDs that have not been confirmed to exist in real life.
The following is a list of nations that possess Weapons of Mass Destruction and the nature of the weapons they possess. If your nation is not on this list, you do not canonically possess WMDs.
  • Akarea (nuclear, chemical, and biological)
  • Alayka (nuclear, chemical, and biological)
  • Alpenraum (chemical and biological)
  • Candanadium (nuclear, radiological, chemical, and biological)
  • Cenaesia (nuclear, chemical, and biological)
  • Edofasia (nuclear, chemical, and biological)
  • Novmir (nuclear, chemical, and biological)
  • Jokullheim (radiological, chemical, and biological)
In addition, these nations do not have WMDs but are hosts to Weapons of Mass Destruction from their allied nations.
  • Trefjall (nuclear, KU states)

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