Concerning Brukalls
There are two main breeds of Brukall, the national animal of Jökullheim: Brukall Haupt and Brukall Geringer. B. Haupt is a large, fur-covered quadrupedal beast that resembles a polar bear of the cape, if that polar bear was 15 ft at its withers and had tusks that, although evolved to break ice off of frozen carcasses, are perfectly capable of goring a man in full body armor. These beasts are known for being extremely violent, especially during mating season. B. Geringer is visually similar to a small B. Haupt, but that is where their similarities end. B. Geringer is extremely agreeable, and their smaller stature, topping at about 7 ft, makes them great mounts for the icy wastes of the north. Their claws and footpads have tiny hooks throughout, that dig into the ice and keep them from slipping, similar to climbing boots. The Jökullhieme have used Brukalls as mounts since time immemorial, and even when the machinery fails, the Brukall keeps going.

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