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User @KZ3ST56MN posted at 16:05 AST

@YuanjunTao5626 people like you are why nobody takes the bantangese seriously
User @FTA☑ posted at 16:43 AST

Service update! 🚨
🚇 #FujingMetro M line is delayed by ~55 seconds due to a medical emergency on-board a train this afternoon
🚌 (NEW) #FujingBus Due to a vehicle accident on expressway 86318 Ward 55, buses 8086 and 9014 are accepting tram tickets for lines 441, 444 and 446 and will take alternative routes. Expect delays
🚋 (NEW) #FujingTrams Due to a vehicle accident on expressway 86318 Ward 55, trams 441 & 444 and trams 446 via Mulin are suspended until the end of service tonight. Tickets valid on these services will be temporarily valid on buses 8086 and 9014
🚢 #FujingFerry Car ferries are still running a limited service due to bad weather, check fta.com for up-to-date sailing times
User @bao9999999 posted at 17:01 AST

#FuckingTransportAuthority this is ridiculous! @FTA what the actual hell do you spend all that tax money on?? I live in Mulin and neither of those buses go anywhere near it, what am I supposed to do, walk??? And at rush hour too. God help this city
User @xmnka posted at 17:07 AST

@bao9999999 bus 8086 dips down from expressway 90900 and stops on the Mulin high street for tonight, surely you can survive walking a few extra blocks today? #fatty
User @bao9999999 posted at 17:11 AST (user's account was suspended for this post)

@xmnka fucker !! I know where you live and I will kill your famliy  😡😡😡😡
User @xmnka posted at 17:14 AST

...think I struck a chord?? 😂😂
User @ALL_AKAREAN_TRAINS posted at 17:17 AST

@xmnka Some people are fucking crazy, I think the @FTA does an alright job - the fact that they're apologising for a 55 second delay on the metro speaks volumes
User @xmnka posted at 17:20 AST

@ALL_AKAREAN_TRAINS too right 👍👍

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