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User @POTURL☑ posted at 6:30 PM LST
Luxerian government account

Esta tarde, me reuní con un grupo bipartidista de senadores para discutir la necesidad de invertir en infraestructura moderna y sostenible. Este no es un tema partidista y, como presidente de las Repúblicas Unidas de Luxlein, estoy comprometido a trabajar en todos los ámbitos para proporcionar infraestructura y puestos de trabajo a las comunidades de todo el país.

Translated from Luxerian by Taitou

This afternoon, I met with a bipartisan group of senators to discuss the need to invest in modern and sustainable infrastructure. This is not a partisan issue and as President of the United Republics of Luxlein, I am committed to working across the board to provide infrastructure and jobs to communities across the country.
User @LuxleinToday☑ posted at 10:40 PM LST
Luxlein state-affiliated media

Últimas Noticias: El presidente Ferrant anunciará "muy pronto" su candidato para dirigir el Departamento de Justicia

Translated from Luxerian by Taitou

Breaking News: President Ferrant to announce "very soon" his pick to head Justice Department
User @KonigstadtChronicle☑ posted at 12:49 CCT

While we include a disclaimer at the bottom of all opinion pieces stating that the views of the author do not necessarily align with those of the Chronicle, we feel that we must make a statement in response to some of the comments that have been made about Greg Thompson's piece "The human rights crisis in Meltor is a civil war in the making, and we need to choose a side", especially some comments from the government that has been perpetuating these human rights abuses. [1/3]
User @KonigstadtChronicle☑ posted at 12:50 CCT

We fully support and stand by Mr. Thompson's statements and urge the federal government to take a stronger stance on the continued human rights abuses in Meltor, to express Candanadian solidarity with those oppressed worldwide. Slavery is a barbaric and despicable practice that has no place in the modern world, and we also applaud @TaitouFeedAdmin's efforts in limiting and restricting the reach of those who continue to hold slaves and workers in bondage. [2/3]
User @KonigstadtChronicle☑ posted at 12:51 CCT

Thus, we will be featuring Mr. Thompson's article on the front page of our Oseanian and Kanadiaans print edition for today, as we are still waiting for translations into Trefjalli, Caskaans, and Mandarin. [3/3]
User @李涛线上2005 posted at 11:01 AST


我在博客上将 @KonigstadtChronicle 对危机的报道(包括汤普森作家的观点)翻译成了官话和방탕어:www.litao05.blogzone.com/articles/meltor_006.htm

只要梅尔托尔工业是由奴隶劳动驱动的,福国联邦与梅尔托的经济联系是不道德的,应立即切断。我督促福国联邦高级理事会问罪这些令人恶心的野蛮集团,并远离梅尔托工业。 @AK_GOV

Translated from Mandarin by Taitou

The continued human rights abuses in Meltor is sickening. There is no place for slavery in the world of today.

I translated @KonigstadtChronicle's coverage of the crisis, including Writer Thompson's opinon-piece, into Mandarin and Bantangese on my blog: www.litao05.blogzone.com/articles/meltor_006.htm 

For as long as Meltorian industry is driven by slave labour, Akarea's economic ties with Meltor are immoral and ought to be cut immediately. I urge the High Council of the Akarean Union to condemn the revolting Meltorian corps that enable such barbarianism and to distance themselves from Meltorian industry. @AK_GOV
User @GregThompsonKC☑ posted at 19:09 CCT

@李涛线上2005 I've sent your translation to the editors of our Mandarin edition. A big 谢谢 to you for your support and hard work.

@皇城日报KCMandarin @皇城日報KCHautsing
User @李涛线上2005 posted at 11:48 AST

Thank you @GregThompsonKC, we must do everything we can to get this information available throughout the Akarean Union and the whole world.
User @DFALuxlein☑ posted at 8:40 AM LST
Luxerian government account

@SecValdés sobre el Programa de Admisión de Refugiados: "Los refugiados son bienvenidos en Luxlein. Seguiremos comprometidos a tratar a todas las personas que solicitan programas de refugiados con dignidad y respeto, y libres de discriminación". #RefugiadosBienvenidos

Translated from Luxerian by Taitou

@SecValdés on the Refugees Admissions Program: "Refugees are welcome in Luxlein. We will continue to be committed to treating all individuals applying for refugee programs with dignity and respect, and free from discrimination." #RefugeesWelcome
User @BlueWave☑ posted at 10:30 AM OST
@HMTheKingCDM has recalled the Royal Candanadian Ambassador to Luxlein following the Chancellor's meeting with the Luxerian ambassador and his denunciation of Ferrant's purges in Parliament. This was seen as a largely retaliatory move, as the diminutive island country withdrew its own ambassador from New Konigstadt not long after the speech. "Cooperation with these regimes is dangerous - especially when there is no final check against governmental power", said His Majesty in an interview. Visit https://www.bluewave.ka for the full article

Bitte folgen Sie das @BlaueWelle-Konto für Nachrichten auf Kanadiaans und besuchen Sie die https://www.blauewelle.ka Webseite für vollständige Artikel.

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