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User @MusicNewsToday☑ posted at 00:02 APST

@NKTheCreator drops new album Grassboy, hits #1 on charts in Alpenraum and Trefjall.  Full article here: MNT.COM
User @GamingNetwork☑ posted at 12:20 APST

New game called "Suspicious" blows up across the world, in where there are 10 players, and one is an impostor. Players have to find out who it is before they are killed. Find out more at the link in our bio.
User @MauritzVIKoppenhausen posted at 12:30 APST
Alpenraumisch government account

Next week I'll be meeting with popular music artist @NKTheCreator to discuss music's effects on cultures in Alpenraum and throughout the world.  It will be live on air Tuesday at 5:00 PM APST on ANN.
User @YeeYeeArschHaarschnitt posted at 13:30 APST (user was banned for this post)

why exactly is the Eternal Legion training to intervene in literal Monkeys fighting?  Meltorians are unwanted baboons lol #MakeOctaviaFreeAgain #Conservative #MeltorMonkeys #racism #RichteriansComeBack
User @FFrancois09 posted at 12:44 OST
@YeeYeeArschHaarschnitt the bladdy monkey's arent worth our time man, better off taking the vokkin jazado crab-eaters off of Great Kaltachia
User @LOTHS49 posted at 12:30 APST

Any other citizens of #Alpenraum notice all these Armored Vehicles and Planes moving on the trains? Almost seems like the Military is mobilizing. 
User @Jjklaus posted at 12:42 APST

@LOTHS49 Ive got an apartment that overlooks the Seewald Naval Base, and last night they were getting Helicopters on the ships.  Pretty weird.
User @CDF-KVK ☑ posted at 09:34 CCT
Candanadian government account

Ready for #ReservesWeekend? A reminder to all our weekend warriors to report to their unit HQ at 2000 hours on Friday for the start of another Reserve Defence Forces Joint Exercise! 

Seid ihr bereit für #ReservenWochenende? Eine kleine Erinnerung für alle unsere Wochenende-Krieger, an ihre Einheit-HQ um 2000 Stunde am Freitag zu berichten, um eine weitere Reserven-Verteidigungskräfte Gemeinsame Übung zu anfangen!
User @BHSchiller377 posted at 09:50 CCT

@LOTHS49 @Jjklaus maybe this (@CDF-KVK) has something to do with it? I'm in the Candanadian Army Reserve and we're being called up for training this weekend, I heard a rumour that we'd be holding a joint exercise with Kreyermark. Maybe Alpenraum is involved as well?
User @Jjklaus posted 15:02 APST

@BHSchiller377 Possibly, but I don't get the mobilization of the Eternal Legion, normally when we do these we just send the actual Army

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