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User @LOTHS49 posted at 15:07 APST

@BHSchiller377 @Jjklaus There was also no mention of Alpenraum being involved in it either, but who knows, maybe they wanted it to be secret for some reason lol
User @NKTheCreator ☑ posted at 15:10 APST

User @ANN  posted at 9:18 APST
ANN is an Alpenraumisch public broadcaster

The Prime Minister has released a statement on the situation in Meltor, quoting it as ¨A disgusting violation of Human Rights.¨.  Visit our website to learn more.
User @PMJosephSchlatzer  posted at 11:01 APST
Alpenraumisch government account

As of 11:00 today, the travel ban has been revised to allow Meltorian refugees asylum in Alpenraum, however, all Alpenraumisch citizens are still barred from visiting Meltor due to the current state of the nation.
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NK The Creator has dropped his new album, Berry Bomb.  It is currently number 1 on billboards across many Kaltach Nations.  What is your favorite song right now? Let us know ⬇️
User @Oscarjjj9 posted at 17:32 CCT
Remind me again why the empress of the world's largest slave state is in Magnarplatz dining with the King? The politicians virtue signal about the slaves then they do this. 🙄
User @jshh18 posted at 17:37 CCT
@Oscarjjj9 She's 19 and has no power at all in Meltor. The people responsible for the slavery killed the last emperor, and now she's practically a prisoner. You must be daft if you think she's coming here to argue on their behalf. I wouldn't be surprised if she tries to ask for asylum and stay lmao
User @ANN  posted at 9:40 APST

The Prime Minister has released a statement following the arrival of the Meltorian Empress to the Meltor-Candanadium summit, saying Alpenraum will ¨Support any decision made by the Candanadian government.¨
User @literalappe posted at 12:11 APST

#Candanadium-Meltor the king of candanadium is a lucky man god damn  heart_eyes step on me empress 
User @JoeInTheAlps74 posted at 12:12 APST

@literalappe holy fucking shit you are down astronomical  

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