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User @NKTheDestroyer posted at 11:39 APST

FIGOR might be one of the best albums in history.  Truly incredible work.  I can't believe people think the redundancy of Die Kaffee or whatever the fuck that band from candanadium is called is better lmao
User @LothairingiaLiving37 posted at 11:49 APST

@NKTheDestroyer People who listen to that candanadian shit get no bitches lmao joy
User @Kaorichan456 posted at 12:30 HST

@LothairingiaLiving37 Alpenraum music FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "I much drug! I battle! I molester in club! I pick pocket! I smoking walk! I the gangster! I drunk and disorderly!" It all the FUCKING same!!!
User @LotharingiaLiving37 posted at 9:40 APST

@Kaorichan456 yikes... I might've struck a chord? you probably found it a little too relatable LOL

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