The Artefact

By Republic of Akarea

JONAH NORTHLANE, 28, is a slate miner in Edofasia, a deeply faithful and socialist country haunted by war and division. When he makes a curious discovery in a wall of slate one day, he is exposed to a side of life that he never thought to be possible, hunted by the enigmatic Dr. RUDOLF DIELS, who will stop at nothing to obtain the artefact that Jonah is becoming strangely attached to. Caught in the crossfire of a secret war between states and ideologies, every day becomes a fight for survival and every night becomes a mad dash for the next national border or halfway house. The more he goes on and the more he learns of the Artefact, the Machine, the Scrolls, and his own cloudy past, the more he seems to forget who he even was in the first place.

Set in an alternative, bi-polar 21st century in a world that draws upon elements of our history, THE ARTEFACT is a story of betrayal, loyalty, and everything in between, the perfect introduction to the culturally rich and politically tense universe of THE DEMOCRATIKA.

Written in collaboration with Candanadium and Edofasia

  • Chapter 1: You Mine The Slate Now, Boy
  • Chapter 2: The Doctor Will See You Now
  • Chapter 3: Don't Worry, Is Routine
  • Chapter 4: Machinations
  • Chapter 5: Everyone Here is Brothers
  • Chapter 6: Our Mutual Friend
  • Chapter 7: The Horator Is Come Again
  • Chapter 11: A History I'd Rather Forget
  • Chapter 12: Is It Really That Time Already?
  • Chapter 13: His Majesty's Business
  • Chapter 14: The Fog