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There can be no peace in the west of Edofasia until the oppressive foreign presence is removed leaving the people of Edofasia in total control of their affairs and determining their sovereign destiny as a united, free-spirited state and the body

Text automatically translated to Oseanian. Original Edofasian text:

Ní féidir síocháin a bheith ann in iarthar na hÉidobhasia choichego dti go mbaintear an láithreacht leatromach eachtrach rud a fhághann go bhfuil smacht ag muintir na hÉidobhasia ar an iomlán ar a ngnóthai agus a gcinniúint cheannasach a chinneadh mar stát aontaithe, saor in aisce ar an intinn agus an comhlacht

Kaltach Union

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In a statement today, Her Excellency the President of the Kaltach Union, Erika de Jager affirmed the Union's support for Alayka's territorial integrity and the restoration of its full sovereignty over the Lakedan region, echoing calls by Kaltach leaders for Edofasia to withdraw from the Alaykan region. President de Jager suggested that Kaltach states should discuss courses of action at the upcoming 42nd Kaltach Union Summit in Old Konigstadt. #lakedan #kusummit

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