Wow! (political party)

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LeaderStefan Bober
Secretary-GeneralKarl Bober
FounderStefan Bober
FoundedApril 1, 2008
Headquarters13-29 The Esplanade, New Konigstadt CCR
A9K 2J5
Single-issue politics:
- Subsidized budget tourism
- Forestation of roundabouts
- Maximum bike lane width
- Public provision of the national flower (poppies)
SloganWow! Only real issues
Wow! Nur echten Sachen (Kanadiaans)
Members of Parliament
1 / 612

Wow! is a single-issue political party in Candanadium founded in 2008 by activist and journalist Stefan Bober, who has led the party since its inception.

The party has been described by the Konigstadt Chronicle as "a one-man farce", an "ego trip", and a "social venture for irritable suburban retirees". Its only current MP, Brian Finch (Waldrand-Cape Communities NTC), is a retired politician who served as Minister of Agriculture in the Democratic Party government under Chancellor Rüdiger Thaler (1983–1987), who joined the party after being expelled from the Democratic Party for making remarks against the election of women to Parliament. The party fields candidates in Belkhomir and Caskhomir without having local chapters or affiliate parties, one of the few political parties in Candanadium to do so.

Given the party's prominent criticism in the media, spin-off parties have been launched in Trefjall, Akarea, and even Edofasia, though all have taken the form of joke parties. This development has been condemned by the party's founder, Stefan Bober, who intended Wow! to be a serious Candanadian political movement.